New Mamiffer LP ‘The World Unseen’ Due For Release In March

Mamiffer – featuring Faith Coloccia and Aaron Turner – have announced a brand new LP entitled The World Unseen, set for release in March 2016.

Joining the core duo is Eyvind Kang (Secret Chiefs 3, Mr. Bungle, SunnO))) etc.) on string arrangements, with guest appearances from Geneviève Beaulieu (Menace Ruine) and Joe Preston (Thrones) on ‘Domestication of the Ewe pt. III’, contributing additional choral vocals and bass.

“The record is imperfect,” comments Coloccia. “It has within its heart an incompleteness, a stillness containing the presence of absence and loss.”

The World Unseen was recorded at their home studio and at AVAST! Studio in Seattle with producer/engineer Randall Dunn throughout 2013 and 2014. The album hits the stores in March 2016 on CD, 2xLP, and digital formats via SIGE Records in the U.S. and on CD with a bonus disc on Daymare Records in Japan.

The LP follows the recently released Crater, the pair’s collaborative record with Daniel Menche, out now on SIGE.