Classic album: Oxbow ‘Fuckfest’

In the first of our Classic Albums series, Oxbow’s frontman Eugene Robinson remembers the making of the band’s debut, Fuckfest.

Released back in 1989 to “total radio silence” as Eugene recalls, the record remains one of the most unique first statements in modern avant-rock, reissued recently by the good folks at Hydra Head.

“I was losing the will to live, aided and abetted by my inability to make sense of life and love post-college. Well, that and huge amounts of LSD. But more importantly I started to really resent bad music” Eugene tells us. “I remember feeling fairly good that I had hit on what I felt was a pretty novel form of a suicide letter: a suicide record.”

Check out Eugene’s in-depth account of the making of this legendary album in Rock-A-Rolla issue 25.

Photo: Jennifer Hale