Interview: The Accüsed

Self-styled Splatter Rock legends The Accüsed returned recently with a brand new line-up and album in the shape of The Curse Of Martha Splatterhead. Mainman Tommy Niemeyer, who’s seen his fair share of turbulence over the years, completely overhauled the band, with none other than Brad Mowen – who many will recognize from Asva and Burning Witch – stepping in behind the mic. But it was another familiar face who almost landed the gig.

“The first thing I thought of is, if I was gonna start The Accüsed back up again, I wanted to keep it as original sounding as possible, that splatter rock thing” Tommy tells us. “And I thought, I don’t know how to get a hold of Brad, and the only other guy I could think of was Mike Patton, ‘cause in the early Mr. Bungle days, on that super-early demo tape stuff, it sounded a lot like Blaine. And I didn’t even know if he was a fan of the band, or how to get a hold of him. But then the Napalm Death guys gave me his email, so I contacted him and said: ‘This is the deal, I wanna get The Accüsed going, I wanna do a record, maybe a few shows, and would he be into doing it?’ A total shot in the dark. And he wrote me back, he was like ‘Tommy! Good to hear from you, I’m a huge fan! I’m totally booked up though, I’ve got project after project’ – as we all know Mike Patton does, the guy doesn’t fuckin’ quit  – ‘But’, he goes, ‘I know this other guy, what about that Brad Mowen guy, doesn’t he live up near you?’ So the first phone call I make, this friend of his goes ‘yeah, Brad works at this barber shop down the street from you’ [laughter]. That was a weird way of getting Brad. I thank Mike Patton for telling me Brad lives down the street from me. I gotta get out more often.”

Check out the full interview with The Accüsed in Rock-A-Rolla issue 22, out now!