Interview: Jello Biafra

The first full album of music in over four years from the ex-Dead Kennedys legend, this months sees the release of The Audacity Of Hype, the debut from Jello Biafra’s brand new outfit The Guantanamo School Of Medicine. “I saw The Stooges on Iggy Pop’s 60th birthday and got caught up in the moment like everybody else in the room” Jello tells us, “and it occurred to me – oh shit, I turn 50 next year, I better do something that, if it’s half as good as The Stooges, I’ll declare a victory.” Featuring Ralph Spight (Victims Family), Jon Weiss (Sharkbait, Horsey), Kimo Ball (Freak Accident, Mol Triffid) and, for the recording sessions, one Billy Gould, GSOM is everything you would expect from the man responsible for some of the greatest records in punk history. Read the massive cover story with Jello in the current issue of Rock-A-Rolla, out now!

Photo: Alex Woodward